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Topic: Specs and Prices
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Looking to buy new projector for boardroom. Confused on price versus specs whereas 2 projEH501ectors with seemingly the same specs can have a wide spread between prices. Trying to understand why this is.

for instance the

EH501 - $ 1799
SH963 - $ 3999
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The BenQ projector uses two 355 lamps to reach the claimed lumen output. The brightness claims are in line with power consumption and what is advertised.

Optoma is just lying to you. They are using a single lamp, likely at about 300 watts, maybe just 250 watts. Their projector, may deliver 1,700 color lumens, and brand new maybe it can hit 4,000 real world lumens, but it just isn't an honest measurement and doesn't reflect reality.

The Optoma is a heck of a deal, but if you need 3,000+ lumens, the Optoma would fall seriously short. They use smoke and mirrors to give numbers that aren't realistic, and won't be useful. I'm also waiting for what a class action lawsuit is brought against manufacturers for their less than real world claims.

The BenQ is easily twice the projector that the Optoma is, and will come far closer to reality with their advertised claims. FAR closer.

Keep in mind, the LCD projectors out there will come even closer typically compared to the DLP models.
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