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Topic: Panasonic Remote Software for IOS/Android
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I Have a panasonic projector linked to a Windows 8 laptop via HDMI cable. This is all working successfully.

I want to install the Panasonic App on my iPhone and I would like to be able to connect this to the projector. The issue I have is that the only way I have been able to do this so far is by going into the settings option on the iPhone and then onto Wifi and then choosing the name of the projector - this then does link the two together.

The issue I then have is that because the phone is using this direct link to the projector I can't at the same time access the internet from the phone and hence display web pages via the app.

It seems as though there should be a way of connecting the projector to the buildings main Wifi and then connecting the panasonic Phone App to the projector via the standard Wifi connection

However despite fiddling with the various settings on the projector I can't work out how to do this. I have read through the manual and it talks about M Direct and also User 1 etc but it still doesn't seem to be working

Can I ask

1) I assume what I want to do is achievable ?
2) Could someone help with some very basic instructions on how to achieve to it please

Thank you