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Topic: Replacement projector
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Our small church is wanting to replace our Panasonic PT-LB30U projector.I have search and researched so much I am now just numb.

Our set up is ceiling mounted 15.5" from the screen which is a 12 x 10 (Da-Lite) using 15 pin XGA from a laptop to a video splitter that also feeds a rear facing projector. The rear projector is a Mitsubishi EX200U and we get a much better image from it than we do the Panasonic. Of course, both are 8 or so years old now. Some suggest all we need is a new bulb, but most everyone has a hard time reading the faint image it projects currently. My research tell me I need 5000+ lumens, but I get lost in all the details after that. The sanctuary is about 45' x 50'.

Any recommendations?