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Topic: Possible issues with audio/video lag
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Just want to say, first time poster. I recentrly dipped my toes in the home cinema department. Purchesed my epson home cinema 3000 and awaiting its arrival as i type this. Now the possible issue is this: Since the projector doesent have a speaker or audio out port, keepin in mind im gonna stream through my computer through a 20 ft hdmi cable to the projector, can i expect the video from the projector to be in sync with the audio comming out of my speakers from the pc, and if there is a lag present any suggestions on how to fix it? Thank you in advance and cheers!
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Electricity travels down a wire at about 1/100th the speed of light.

If you made your HDMI cable a couple thousand miles long, you may have an issue.

Just for fun (and sarcasm) let's figure out your delay.

Based on the speed of light, which travels at 983,571,056 feet per second. Divide by 100, then 20/that number...

Your delay, for 20 feet of HDMI cable, is about .0000020334 seconds. Give or take a bit. Call it 2 millionths of a second.

The projector will add far more delay in the video processing itself. Likely 60+ thousandths of a second.

The proper way to deal with any audio delay issues is to use a real A/V receiver and run everything through it. Many A/V receivers include audio delay as one of the built in features of the unit.
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