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Topic: New Projector Install at Church
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Ok so I have been tasked with installing a new projector at church.
We would like to have it throw a 15 foot screen. I am going to install it around 25 feet away on the ceiling.

Ratio of 16:9 is perfect. We will be mostly showing Powerpoint and the occasional video. The room is kinda bright but the 3000 lumens installed now at 50 feet is ok.

What they are really wanting is the move the projector to get the top part off the ceiling and the bottom off the pastors head. Just a general upgrade as well.

I would like for it to be wireless so that we can sit in the audience and still control what is going on or the pastor can.

Anything I have mentioned is open for suggestions.

I have installed numerous projectors just nothing this big.
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Wireless is a myth - Run a wire!

If you want to control the projector, then it can still be controlled via IR remote, but for solid control, you should look towards a reliable control system which can properly turn the projector on/off and ensure it is on the proper input.

What size screen are you currently using? 15' diagonal is a big screen and typically demands far more than a projector rated at 3,000 lumens.

If I were looking, I would go with something from this list:<g=&t=&db=&dt=1.0.0&c=&ar=Wide+%2816%3A9-10%29&dvi=&wr=&pjl=&pjw=&pjh=&td=25&is=180&i=d&tr=&oop=1&sort=brt&sz=15

You should expect most of the professional projectors to be 16:10 aspect ratio native, and then have the ability to work with a 16:9 screen if you use one. Sony has a fairly inexpensive 1920x1200 model which produces a fair bit of lumens for the money, and Panasonic has quite a few products which fit the bill.

1280x800 or 1920x1200 are both great, but I wouldn't pay more for 1920x1200 if all you are doing is PowerPoint and viewing from a fair distance away.

Please be aware, they do make wireless receivers that work with many products, but those are external to the projector, and should be treated as such. It's a terrible idea to ask Panasonic to maintain a open standard wireless receiver when 'standards' don't exist for wireless. Airplay (Apple) and Miracast (Windows), and a long list of others which change all the time should be purchased from a company which will keep up all those standards and keep things working. Also, if you need something new, then you can buy it and add it on.

But, mid sermon, expect video to just drop out - because wireless is like that.

If you want reliability, always run a wire. Always.
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Sorry for the delay in response.
I have been dealing with my wife's pregnancy and works issues.

Ok so after some further review I was close on the size of the screen.
I couldnt take the diagonal measurement but from what I am calculating. I need a 13 ft screen.

My measurements for the desired screen size is 11'6'' x 6'10''
Or slightly smaller.

The lumens on what we have now are around 5000. You were right, I misread the label. Glad you made me double check.

The current projector is at 50 foot. We are shortening that to 25 foot for a clearer screen, and to prevent it from blinding tall people standing at the pulpit.

Ive give the list you provided a look. As for the wireless, I figured it was further along in usefulness as I remember it coming out about 8 years ago.