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Topic: Zenith Z42LC6DF-UL Question With Stand/Mount
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I am trying to mount my this in which i purchased years ago. I purchased a vesa capaitble stand for the TV, but cant quite figure out how to remove the stand. Any advice would be greatly appreciated cause i dont want to mount it with the base flying with it.
Zenith was no help at all and had me removing endless screws with over 10 calls thanks.

Does the stand/base detach?
Is the tv mountable?
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Page 13 of the manual indicates that it can be wall mounted using any 600x400mm VESA compatible mount. Worth noting that not all mounts can fit up to a 600mm wide VESA pattern, and some can't hit the 400mm height, but that is something you should check when getting a mount as it will be part of the mount's description (or should be).

As for removing the base, that should involve removing screws from the bottom, but the unusual design of the base of that Zenith (LG) unit may mean that just the base comes off, or may not allow for it at all. I have heard of some bases, from some manufacturers not being removable, but it is very rare. I'm just not familiar with that specific unit.

Lot's of screws sounds right though.

If this is indeed the back of your TV:

I would think the four screws directly above the mount, and maybe the two directly to the sides are what need to be removed.

This photo seems to agree with that...

It also shows that it should be removable.

You would remove the four screws from the back, then the TV should lift up, leaving the base behind with the long metal stake that's part of the base. Seems pretty typical to me.

You don't just undo the four screws and expect the TV to fall over though. It actually requires the TV to be lifted and the base pulled out of the TV after the screws are removed. There may be an additional set of screws or a button to push to remove the base after those four main screws are removed.
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