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Topic: How to increase volume
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A friend gave me this TV to use in my shop. I have it hooked-up thru a cable box. It works great but I cannot get the volume to go higher than 25 using the control on the set.
The cable box control doesn't have any effect on the volume. Any ideas?
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If the TV has terrible speakers, then I would recommend an A/V receiver. It can be connected using the red/white RCA outputs from the cable box, and older stereo A/V receivers are typically online for cheap all the time.

You will need to connect some speakers as well. They are ALSO available online all the time. Maybe 50 bucks or so can get you much, much better sound.

Something like this...

It was a good unit years ago, but wouldn't be ideal in a home theater today. But, for JUST stereo connectivity using analog red/white audio cables, you can get great sound which can fill a space quite nicely.
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