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Topic: Projector Instant on using simple hard wire switch controls
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Need some advice on a projector.
The project: Video projection into a crystal ball used in a Fortune Teller booth. Total time is 2 minutes, Fortune Teller animatronic talking for 1.5 minutes, and 30 second of crystal ball video at the end.

My problem: Choosing a 300-600 lumen Projector I can hard wire control
Desired is a projector I can hard wire to an external control system (just simple switch closures).

I also have RS232 and DMX control, but would like to avoid the additional programming needed to make that work.

I just need a projector I can fully externally control and not have a cool down delay that may screw up the show. My video source is a short and simple composite video from a media player.

Any suggestions on a projector to use in this coin-operated kiosk?
I expect I will have to go with the RS232 control in the end.

I also posted this in the Software/Tools area.
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