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We recently purchased the PJD6383s projector. So far it is working good. I noticed it has a LAN port that I can use to connect to it to monitor settings and such.

My questions is can I display content via out LAN network, or must I use one of the HDMI/VGA ports.

Being able to connect via the LAN port would solve our problem of searching for a cable.

Any help will be appreciated.

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No, the LAN port is strictly for control and monitoring the current status of the projector. This type of information requires very little information to be passed across a network.

Video, by contrast, uses several GB per second. A good home network may handle 1 gigabit per second. So, even a good home network can't handle the data rates required to handle proper full HD video.

There are some projectors which can handle certain data streams, but not many, and certainly not this model.
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