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Topic: Used Philips LC7181 blur yellowish
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Philips LC7181
Projector Specs
I recently bought a used Philips Matchline Garbo LC7181 projector.

I can´t get it to light up a proper bright picture, it´s green/yellowish and dark - is it the lamp??

The seller told me the lamp should last 4000 hours more but that must be: in about 4000Hours the lamp will "blow up" ?!?

Am I right thinking of buying a new lamp? I found an webshop selling them, not cheap but almost ok priced.

Someone that could tell me if I am doing the right thing or is there something else to test first?
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Did you buy a new bulb - did this solve your problem?

I too am having a similar problem with a Philips Garbo projecter - 2000hrs in on expected 6000hr bulb life.


Was the yellowish picture overall on your projector?

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See the other post - but it sounds like bad polarizers to me.
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