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Topic: Connect to a network projector
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Can anyone recommend a networkable projector (RJ45 Connection) that is compatible with the windows 7 "connect to a network projector" software.

What I am trying to do is setup a network projector on my network and have people use their computer to connect to it without having to load any proprietary software.

I have tried a powerlite 1940w and a powerlite 955w but it would not connect. when I call Epson they said that they could not help since we were not using their software.

Any suggestions would be great.
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If you want people to connect to your projector and get a great looking image, then use a HDMI or VGA cable, not your network.

Video over the network, as you have already discovered, is a joke. It doesn't work well with cheap solutions, and manufacturers can't support what could be a laundry list of networking issues.

What works?

HDMI and VGA, which is why almost every laptop made has this type of connection on it. Some have DisplayPort others have mini-HDMI or DVI, but there are adapters which make it possible to work with your projector, and make it look completely perfect.

Uncompressed HDMI runs at about 10GBs. That's faster than most corporate networks operate at. So, any network stream of video is going to be frame rate limited, and while it may look good, it won't be close to what a cabled feed will look like due to the heavy compression.

Still, you would need to dig through manufacturer's manuals to see if they have any true Windows capability will streaming video and audio from the laptop itself over the network.

Then, of course, anyone who comes in with a Mac is out of luck I suppose.
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