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Topic: Need help with a projector purchase.
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I purchased a house with a home theater. The projector is missing but I found the instruction book which was for a Sony SXRD HDMI VPL-VW 100 ( year 2005 ). The support arm/holder and the cables for the projector are still mounted in the ceiling. The Amplifier/surround is still in place. It is a Rotel RSX-1067 with a remote marked Rotel RR-1050.the 102" screen is also in place.

Since I never had a home theater before please let me know what projector I could/should use in the system.
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You should put this in the Projector section. We also need your distance from lens to screen(throw distance) and budget for projector.
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All projectors are setup using lens to screen distance. Will you please measure from the current projector mount location to the screen? Then take about 6" to 10" off of that distance for a lens to screen distance.

Also, it will matter how far above the top edge of the screen the center of the lens will be. It will adjust a bit depending on the height of the mount.

My initial response is that you should strongly consider the Sony HW40ES which is about $2,000 right now. A very good 1080p projector. You are replacing a $5,000+ projector in your home, which is likely why they took it with them.

The old Rotel may be a different discussion.
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