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Topic: Epson EMP-83H
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I have purchased Epson Powerlite 83H, and I am trying to get an image.
1. It works good with Inspiron 620 Minitower, 1280 by 1024 resolution.
2. It does not work with Dell Vostro 1710, 1280 by 800 resolution.. Even when I used 800 by 600, "No signal" is displayed. When I use Epson "Help", and push the recommended buttons, the following info pops up:

Source:Computer 1 (Auto)
Not supported
H: 0.00 kHz
V: 0.00 kHz
To display Help, press button.

What does all that mean? I suspect Vostro 1710 output is out of order.
Any suggestions, please?