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Topic: Now to 3D my setup ?
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Hi Everyone,

I have a general 3D question.

I'm a 3D noob.

I have a computer, there's a 3D movie on it, I play it through my Viewsonic PRO8200 and it shows a double half screen (2 images side by side).

Do I need to replace my projector ?
OR, is there a separate decoder that can be purchased that would connect between my WD link and my projector that would decode the sinal and transmit the information to my projector and compatible glasses and work properly or is the projector the key element in the system ?

Thank you
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The 8200 does not have 3D support.,2817,2388614,00.asp

There is no adapter that will work with this setup that I am aware of.

Almost all current model projectors support 3D, but it was not a standard feature when that model was released.
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