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Topic: ultra short projector
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we have a small hall 20m x 9m

The stage is 5m x 2m
height of stage 40cm
height of room ( false roof with polystyrene tiles)= 2m80cm

basically i was looking at fixing an ultra-short throw projector approx 80cm from wall and projecting an image close to 4m wide and the whole 2m40cm approx height, behind the stage.

this would create background for worship songs and a background for dramas and kids plays in that hall.

the question i have and cannot find an answer is..

1) would the large size of projection reduce the quality of the image?

2) is the image so large that it is not worth trying with ultra-short projector?

3 is the image so large that any distortion would look really bad?

I do not want to invest in a projector and find that it does not serve the purpose for which it was bought.
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Your biggest issue will be finding a ultra short throw projector which can create an image that large. The vast majority of ultra short throw projectors are designed for classroom use with interactive whiteboards. They tend to be cheap and of low quality.

A well built ultra short throw projector with a quality lens will not have any issues as long as you use a good screen. You can't use a cheap roll up screen with ultra short throw projectors. That's very important. The angle of projection requires a quality flat surface.

Size will not impact image quality really. Image quality is impacted by how close/far you sit from a projected image. So, a 12' wide (4m) screen shouldn't be of bad quality with a decent source from a computer.

But, your big issue will be that there really aren't any ultra short throw projectors with high lumen output which can handle a larger size screen.
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Thanks for the reply.

the "screen" would be a plasterboard wall.
Would that work?

We were thinking of this projector - but maybe it is not strong enough.

the image throw calculator has 4m wide at 2.3m height, which would be our limit. In reality we may only have 2.2metre height, as i assume the calculation is from the lens height.