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Topic: Time to replace my Sanyo-Z4
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Yeah, I took a good look at the Epson models, and I was interested until I realized there's no 12v trigger IN capabilities on them, or at least the ones I looked at. The RS232 is a giant hassle and would require me rewiring and changing around the systems. Maybe someday, but not right now. I want my Denon receiver to be able to trigger the projector for my video sources. I suppose I could find some sort of RS232-to-12v-trigger system out there, but it seems like a pain in the neck for something so simple. Other than that, the 3500 looks pretty attractive.
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The 12v trigger in to power on/off the projector is something unique to Panasonic.

Since Panasonic hasn't announced a new home theater projector in years, you may want to start looking for a new way to control things. Especially since almost nobody has used that 12v trigger to turn on/off their projector. It is a nice unique feature, but not one which others have copied and utilized.

Instead the vast majority of people use universal remote controls as a primary controller or the factory remote. Some use IR extenders. I use RS232. The professional industry standard is RS232 which is why that is a consistent interface across most projectors. IR and RS232. But, I get that you like the 12v control.
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