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Topic: Panasonic PT-FW300 Filter Auto Advance
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Hello. I perform service work on our school districts Panasonic projectors. The main models we use are the PT-FW100, PT-FW300 and PT-FW430. Over the course of the last few months, I have been seeing numerous PT-FW300 series projectors coming in for the filter auto advancing. The projector will have had a clean filter and counter reset then a week to a few weeks prior to getting a second service call. When the projector is brought in, we disassemble, inspect, clean and do some run testing. The cables are all connected yet at sporadic times the filter advances while doing run testing. In one case right now, I started the morning at 100% filter life and now at mid-day the filter has auto advanced down to 80% remaining.

1. The rooms the projectors are in are not dusty causing the filter to load up and need to advance.
2. The filters them selves have been cleaned in the field prior to bringing the projector into the shop.
3. The spindles are all good in the ACF / ARF unit
4. The projector will do an initiated ACF / ARF roll.
5. In the SELF CHECK screen, the projector comes up with an ACF / ARF error

Our local Panasonic repair facility can't give us much, they think it is a needed firmware update. I have tried replacing the ARF unit, thinking the issue was there, but this never has solved the issue. I am inclined to think it is a system board related issue.

Has anyone had this issue before or know of it?

I have called Panasonic projector support and they are closed during what is their posted operational hours. I am at a loss.
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