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Topic: InFocus not popular?
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Our A/V guy recommends InFocus, but I see they never make the top 10 here. We need to buy 3 classroom projectors pronto, preferably <=$400 @. I'm wondering if it's because:
- InFocus isn't as good a brand as others
- InFocus hasn't provided any projectors for reviews.

We have a scattering of working and dead projectors, and would like to standardize on one. He likes the IN116a, but I'm tempted to go with a top 10 model here.
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InFocus and Optoma are pretty similar brands. Most use DLP technology which isn't always recommended for public presentation use since there can be rainbow effect issues related to cheap DLP projectors and some people, but for the most part, it's a non-issue.

I would generally insist that anyone these days standardize on a widescreen solution with a digital input on the projector. This adds a bit of cost, but makes sense.

Also worth noting that there are some projectors out there with alternative light engines, most notably laser/led hybrid models which don't require lamp changes over the life of the projector, which can prove useful.

Finally, it is worth checking with Epson as they have some long warranty projectors, and have some lamps which only cost $99 to replace with factory original lamps (Epson branded).

Epson pushes hard for schools, especially for situations which require a larger number of projectors. IMO, they are a pretty solid choice, but InFocus and Optoma aren't bad choices either.
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