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Topic: Searching software for remote slides/video/stream presentation
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I'm searching a software for a small event that allows me to display current information (like e.g. voting results) and media like photos / videos / video streams on a remote computer, which is connected to a beamer.

For clarity, my hardware setup will look like this:
Beamer --(VGA)-- LaptopB ~~~(IP Network)~~~ LaptopA

I want to control what is displayed on the beamer using LaptopA. LaptopB is only used for providing the input signal for the beamer. LaptopA has no direct connection to the beamer.

I'm searching a software that allows me to compile (powerpoint) slides, images, videos, streams and pushing them onto LaptopB for display on the beamer. The transition from one element to another on the beamer should be seamless (no jump back to desktop or similar things).

My intended concept was to run a server software on LaptopB, which accepts commands from the network. e.g. for transferring media or selecting media to display. A client software on LaptopA should provide a GUI for selecting and compiling media and sending commands to the server.

- LaptopA (content) and LaptopB (presentation) are only connected via network; no direct connection from LaptopA to beamer
- no static set of slides; content has to be changed/created during the running presentation
- seamless transition from one media to another
- the software has to run on windows and offline (without internet connection; in an internal network)

I'm especially interested in open source software, but freeware and commercial products or other suggestions are also welcome.

Thank you for your comments.

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