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Topic: projector install
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We would like to hang our projector and be able to run the system from the back of the sanctuary.
This will be a 150' run to sound booth. I would like to know what it will take to make this happen. We will be using a dell laptop for this projector. Any help would be appreicated greatly. I dont know all the questions to ask so please feel free to inquire.

Thanx in advance
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At this point, the best way to deliver video that distance in the digital age is by using HDBaseT (HDBT). Aurora Multimedia makes a number of extenders which work really well for this type of distance for video.

I would get a control system which can handle at least the basics of turning on/off the system.

Perhaps a Crestron MC2W with a MX850 RF remote to turn things on/off and maybe basic audio adjustment.

Depends on your budget and what level of ease of use you are looking for.
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