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Topic: Need Help finding an Upgrade!
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I'm from a church and we currently have the Vivitek D518 projector and its not bright enough to shine through the new lights....A little information you need....The screen size is 66in high and 110in wide, the projector itself is mounted from the ceiling and is 15ft away from the screen at a slight angle pointing down. We have newly added 24 par56 lights and 4 multicolored LED lights...PLUS... the fluorescent lights in the sanctuary. The main problems we have are a dim screen (Due to all the lights) and the image not taking up all of the screen. Someone please help! We want to buy a projector that be able to shine bright even with all the lights on and we do plan on adding more lights so we're trying to think ahead. Thanks in advance everyone!

PS I have been trying to learn and I've been looking at the Optoma EH501