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Topic: Need help with outdoor set up
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I'm looking to get something set up for my home. I want to hang a large screen on the fence of my tennis court so we can watch night football game this fall. I would like to keep the cost under $5000, I saw the video below and thought it would be a nice way to increase the brightness, but I did not know what type of projector to use to accomplish what that gentleman has.

I need help with projector selection and a screen that would be appropriate. I have speakers already at the tennis court that I could utilize. Any help would be greatly appreciated and if you are close to northwest Ohio I could compensate you to help with my first time setting everything up.

Please email me any ideas as I don't get much time to get on these forums.

Thank you
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What size screen are you thinking?
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A dual projector setup is difficult to align properly. Generally requiring several hours, and then you have issues with color accuracy not being the same.

Depending on screen size, you really shouldn't need two projectors, but a single good quality projection setup can likely give you a 200" or so diagonal after dark.

My BenQ W1070 gives me a 161" diagonal in a basement (no windows) in lower power mode with no issues at all. I would expect it could handle 200" of diagonal just fine as well. Also, there are lower resolution, but higher brightness LCD models which aren't terribly expensive that are worth consideration.

There is a lot of information on outdoor projection at

Worth taking a look there as well.
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