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Topic: Anyone using Android wireless projector?
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I would like to replace my old lamp projector. I am looking for new type projector. I search some projectors have android OS with large lumens. Anyone using android projector? I like this because I can download apps directly from google apps store. Can wireless connect to my home router? and can sharing my iphone screen?
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What they mean by Android Projectors is that the projectors are based on Android Jelly Beans as the OS inside the firmware. So, it is not like one giant tablet-like screen showing all the icons, on which you can log in to Google store and add apps on the projector's OS like you can on a tablet. The projectors boot to idle blue screen like regular projectors do. My Epson EX7220 runs Linux as the OS of the firmware. Android is a tiny Linux variant. It boots to idle blue screen. The Epson EX7220 has a wireless feature through which I can control the projector, I can project my desktop from Mac or Windows computers, and I can do slide show from an android tablet or iPad/iPhone. The performance of wireless projection, however, is mediocre at best.
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That's the rub in all of this.


Garbage in, garbage out.

You buy a nice projector, then the first thing you want is the absolute junkiest image you can possibly put up. Oh, and make sure it's nice and big so everyone can see just how terrible the image quality is.

Run a cable, get hard wired, put things in place which will maximize quality. The LG PF85U is a very solid LED projector, with a variety of built in applications. It's 1080p, it's bright enough for a 100" or so screen in a dark room, but it doesn't match up to the lamp based projectors.

As has been explained in the review, the PF85U is great for the smaller screens where you have placement flexibility, and will be using it a great deal. But, for 10-20 hours of use a week, the BenQ W1070 will run you 2 years without the need for a lamp change (or far longer) and it would take 6 years of use for the price to come up to that of the LG PF85U due to the initial cost difference.

Some people talk far to much about lamp changes and then look at junky projectors, or low-lumen models and pretend that they are the same thing as a lamp based model. They all certainly aren't bad, but most aren't very good either. Many ARE truly bad as well, or horrendously low in lumen count, or have shoddy lenses that can't properly focus.

I don't have a recommendation for a Android based projector. Instead, I recommend one HDMI cable and a good laptop, or home theater PC, to run the show in the best quality available.

Do you ask for Android based televisions as well?
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