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Topic: Where do businesses buy commercial grade tvs?
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Hey All,

I've actually started a business selling Samsung Televisions in the secondary markets. Meaning, these are b-grade returns to Samsung from best buy. None of these tvs have ever been used or placed in showrooms. So, I must emphasize, they are NOT customer returned units. Anyway, I've been finding a lot of success selling the consumer tvs, but I'm at a loss when it comes to selling the commercial displays and hospitality TVs. Where do businesses typically go to buy their TVs for their retail locations?

I'd appreciate anyone that can point me in the right direction.
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Most professional displays come through professional installation companies which are buying direct or through distribution. Almo and other distributors are a big seller for commercial displays, and quite often commercial contracts have a requirement for product to be 'new' in the box with full warranty. Any contracts of that nature could never use b-stock displays, no matter the condition.

Most companies that install displays themselves don't have the common sense to get displays which are commercially rated for 24/7 use or with nicer power supplies/etc. Instead they just buy the cheap Sharp displays and call it a day.
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