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Topic: HELP! Projector Info for Business Use
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Hi! I am researching projectors for a wall in a retail business and I am having a hard time finding the right information. I am considering Goo Systems projector paint. The space is 6 ft tall and 95 ft wide. I understand that I may not be able to project on this entire space, but was hoping to paint an area around 6ft tall by 25 ft wide to project on. I know nothing about projectors and was hoping someone could help me. The main purpose would be to project text, maybe images if that is possible. What kind of projector would best suit these needs? Is this even possible? Any help would be awesome! Thank you!
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Projectors - Plural.

3 projectors could be setup to do this. Maybe 4.

Depending on the space, I would probably be considering ultra-short throw projectors hung just out in front of the screens with a triple or quad headed PC output to feed them the images you are trying to create. There won't be clean breaks between projectors as they have to be color matched for that, or preferably edge blended which gets to be pricey.

Something like three of these:

With a 66" screen height, and a total of 22' in width would be ideal and extremely inexpensive for this type of setup.
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