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Topic: Network Projector Question
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I'm currently looking for a network projector that is capable of meeting our school's needs. We have a large media server and we're hoping to find a network projector that allows us to stream video directly from that server into classrooms. Our budget is flexible, we're just trying to generate a solid list of devices.

Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks for your help.
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No projectors do this with any sort of quality.

You should look at media servers such as WDTV, or some other managed solutions for media playback.

Projectors basically are monitors. They aren't full fledged TVs like you have at home. Bells and whistles such as media playback are not incorporated into them, and make very little sense as they would, in a word, suck.

The network connection generally allows you to monitor projector hours, possibly control the projectors, see their usage and current status, etc. They aren't for media streaming, playback, web surfing, etc.
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