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Topic: Help, my wife cannot run my home theater system :)
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Here is my setup:
Optoma HD65
Yamaha RX-v475 receiver
Sony BluRay
PC connected to receiver via HDMI graphics card

As my topic states, my system is too complicated for my technology challenged wife to use. I purchased an expensive Harmony ultimate remote. The remote works some of the time, but looses connectivity to things, doesn't send signals sometimes, etc. She is ready to get rid of all of it because it is unusable to her, but I love it. I did everything myself and it is not rocket science, but I want to make things simpler for her. She wants one remote to do everything. I thought the Harmony was the ticket, but has not done the trick so far. Any other suggestions? She wants me to swallow my pride and hire someone.

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I would spend a lot of time in the Harmony forums and help sections, etc. to get the remote you purchased working as well as possible before looking elsewhere.

The problem is that Harmony is one of the only consumer level remotes which really offers some solid functionality for the price. offers some excellent talking areas about remotes and their functionality, etc. and while I love having discussions here, you will get a lot more information from those guys.

Next level remotes which use dedicated RF solutions such as Universal Remote Control ( offer products which must be integrator programmed. They just aren't designed to allow end-users to program them. So, you would need to call someone up.

I personally use the far stronger products from Crestron. They are available via eBay and work really well, but are also designed for custom integrator installation and programming vs. end user. We could talk about how to get you setup with that if interested offline. I can give you some good buying options for not a lot of cash on it, but it would require a significant effort on your part.

One of the bigger issues that I see here is that while the projector, receiver, and Blu-ray players are all easily controlled, nothing else is. The Wii, PS3, and computer can't be powered on/off or controlled at all through a remote control no matter what. They all require a separate control method. So, about the only thing that will easily be remoted is the Blu-ray player and source selection of the rest.

If you've built the PC up to be a home theater PC (HTPC) with a remote control, then that could be ported in for control as well as long as it is using a IR remote.

I'm not as familiar with the optional user programmable remotes that are really solid out there, so Remote Central may provide you with some great options. But, anything that hits your home network is limited by the stability of that network. Pure RF point to point is the best control mechanism on the market.
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