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Topic: Optoma X600 vs Infocus IN5316HD
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EDIT!!! I'm an idiot and had the wrong model number up when I made the title. The Optoma Projector I am comparing the Infocus to is the Optoma EH500.

I am struggling to choose between the two projectors in the title. The Optoma appears to have better bulb life, more lumens, and a higher contrast ratio. The Optoma will run me about $1600 while the Infocus will run me around $3800. I initially was planning to buy the Infocus. I do already have a mix of Optoma's and Infocus projectors and have no issues with either brand.

I don't need any special lenses. This will be going in a 60'x80' with 12' ceilings meeting area, with moderate light from windows. The screen is a recessed Dalite 133" 16:9 advantage elecrol matte.

Why is the Infocus ridiculously more money? What am I missing here? Why not go with the Optoma? It's brighter and has better bulb life, but the bulbs are more expensive... $400 for the optoma vs $180 for the Infocus.

I just don't know...
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IMO, get the Optoma.

The pricing of DLP over the years has been ridiculous and simply no longer holds up. The latest DLP models really set a price and quality level that is amazing.

I would jump up a couple hundred bucks to the EH501 which is a bit brighter and has a better lens.

With the 3 year warranty, this seems like a no-brainer and it seems like Optoma is really working hard to take over the DLP market right now.
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