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Topic: Problem with the projection of the image is not rectangular
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Dear All members ...

I bough Optoma W307UST Ultra Short Throw Projection, and we fixed it in our office, but we have a problem, the projection of the image is not rectangular, from the bottom it is good straight but from the top it's curved, specially on the left side. we tried so many things to overcome this issue but we couldn't.

If I turn the projector slightly to right, the curve become on both top corner, like an arch but the curve in this case is less than previous if we centered the projector.

We captured several photos to show and explain this issue, attach some photos for more explain.

I figure out the problem is with lens of the projector, if I flip down the projector and fix it in the ceiling, the curve will be on the right bottom. so it's seems to me the issue is with the lens.

So may you please, suggest the right solution for our problem.


Here the top issue

1280 × 960 pixels (177.45 KB)

Zoom in

960 × 720 pixels (128.26 KB)

The Right side is OK

720 × 960 pixels (89.43 KB)

The corner issue ..

960 × 720 pixels (127.50 KB)
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You can try moving the projector further away and moving it up/down to see if that corrects for the issue.

Unfortunately, you are running into the classic issue of what happens with ultra short throw lenses. Still, it shouldn't be an issue, so the first thing to do is moving the projector up/down/forward/back to see if there is any correction it offers.

You should not have the projector tilted AT ALL. No keystone correction should be in place.
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