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Topic: Best Projector device for teaching
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I would like to hear from my fellow teachers and projector users, what projector they have used for teaching?

Is there a mobile projector to share my screen with the existing infrastructure in the class?

What's the best device in your opinion to use in a classroom setting. Do share your experiences to help me.
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The model of wireless transmitter (receiver) is interesting, but there is zero information about frame rate, video compatibility, etc. which is all important to high quality wireless.

More often then not, people are just doing PowerPoint, in which case wireless solutions can work well, but in situations where you are working with high quality video, or have motion, or demand to deal with HD, I'm wondering how a solution like this really works, especially when there are ZERO specifications on the PRIJ website.

Really, teachers may run full videos from a DVD player in their laptop through the projector... So how does the wireless projection system you are hocking here compare to say... 1080p video output with full frame video over HDMI? How does it deal with HDCP protected content? How does it deal with high resolution photos?

I can tell you a few things that do it very well:
WHDI - Which sends uncompressed HDMI over wireless. Apparently this still looks worse than the best way..


Seriously, your solution is to tell anyone with a laptop that they need to download a program, drivers, etc. to get this product to work. It really isn't 'hassle free', and neither are most other solutions, but I would still much rather just have a location with a good HDMI connection right on the wall or (gasp!) VGA, component, or composite video if that's what I need.

I don't doubt that this works, and does something wireless, it may even work really well, but the specifications leave a lot to the imagination about what it doesn't do, which is a shame if the product is really good.
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