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Topic: Panasonic AR100U
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Hello everyone..Merry Christmas

Im looking to purchase the Panasonic AR100U because of its brightness but most importantly its Lens shift capability. This is my issue. .My room has 10 foot ceilings and i want to mount the projector close to the ceiling without a drop tube and use the lens shift. I would also like to install my screen 2 feet below the ceiling at around 8 feet so my viewing angle isnt so steep. Can anyone tell me if this is at all possible with this projector?? can i mount the projector on the ceiling with a 5-6" drop and get the image down to my desired location??

Please anyone with any information/input would be greatly appreciated.
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Depends on screen size, but not likely. The AR100 allows for up to 15% maximum above/below screen height. So, with a 50" tall image, the centerline of the lens can be 15% above that - MAX - which is 7.5".

If you want more lens shift, the Epson 8350 is the one which can do it.
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