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Topic: Two Projectors (Different Hues)
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Our church uses 2 EIKI LC-XB43 Projectors both connected to 1 PC using EasyWorship Software, the problem is on darker colored screens like dark brown or red the screen color is off even though the settings are the same. also, no amount of tweaking setting seem to make it better. It's not really noticeable on blue/green backgrounds. any advise? I really appreciate the help.

BTW, I'll Get an Image in a few minutes to show what i'm talking about.
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This is normal. Calibration of projectors which are side-by-side requires some good calibration equipment to get the white levels aligned, and it requires that the projector supports advanced color calibration.

No two projectors typically look the same side-by-side, and projector lamps age at different rates which shifts their color balance as well, so not only is calibration required for best results, it is required to be done regularly to maintain that accurate color balance.
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