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Topic: Screen Types, Help with next TV Purchase
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Hi all,

I have searched for real life feedback on the larger screen TV types and I wanted to get feedback from someone that has a screen at least 70+ inches and 240hz (if LED/LCD. I am looking for picture quality especially during 3D and action/explosion.

Is the screen able to draw explosions and action screens without hitching and pixalization? how is the black compared to 64"+ Plasma.

And last, please suggest models and let me know why. I don't have any history of LED/LCD screens. When I purchased my current TV I looked at the 120hz and every time they were too bright, the blacks sucked and they would pixalize when displaying action, especially explosions and the like.

But now they have the 240hz, they say the screens display black like a plasma. I really want a 70"+ screen, but now that they have some Organic LED in the 60"+ inch, I have been thinking about getting one of them instead of a 70+ inch LED. I appreciate any guidance in making this choice as I have only ever had Plasma. My current TV is a Samsung:

63" Class (62.9" Diag.) 7000 Series 3D 1080p Plasma HDTV (2010 model) Model: PN63C7000YFXZA

Thank you so much for your feedback and help in choosing my next TV.

Right now my Samsung is showing a purple band across center screen on white screens, so something is going bad, I just don't know how much longer it will last.
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While I hate to go there, this type of technical depth is better research at

Not that you will get good responses per-se, but you will be able to dig around and get information.

IMO, plasma still trumps all else which is out there. The 70", 80", and 90" Sharp displays look very nice, but the best display I've ever seen was the 85" Panasonic plasma. Ridiculously pricey, but gorgeous.

240hz won't help with black levels. The panels they use are giving better off-axis viewing and the larger sized Sharps use field LED backlighting on their LCDs with local dimming which can improve some black levels in certain areas, if done properly, but people still know there are issues which don't really show up on plasmas.

I would look for a store that has the 75" Samsung LCD. Samsung tends to have one of the best looking LCD images out there. Also take a look at any large format Sony displays which may fit the bill as they also have consistently been a quality leader for image.
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