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Topic: hdmi to S video conversion
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My Theater projector (Panasonic PT-L300U) also doubles as a gaming center for my teenagers. With the new playstation 4 coming out with only HDMI output, I have a problem. My projector (about 10 years old), only has component YPbPr and S2 (same as S Video?) inputs. Does anyone know if the HDMI to S Video connectors/convertors will work properly, and if they will deliver high quality Video? I'm hoping to avoid buying a new projector.
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S-Video is garbage, don't use it.

You could get a HDFury, which is an expensive HDMI to component video adapter, which will maintain HD resolution in the conversion.

You can also try the DVI connection on the projector. While the DVI connection is not HDCP compliant, the PS4 may allow for games to be played across it and not have HDCP restrictions. I'm not sure though and certainly movies will have HDCP encryption.

The projector you have is the first one I owned as well and is now well over a decade old and very outdated. It's unfortunate that it is the case, but it is time for a new projector to be considered instead of a Band-Aid. You can find some used 720p projectors (shop carefully) online for not a lot of cash. Heck, brand new ones are about $500 which isn't a bad price. Still, I realize this isn't something that may be in the budget right now.

While this sounds like something you want, you want to be very wary of this type of product:

It says specifically: "NOT HDCP Compatible"

And that's a huge issue!

The HDFury is HDCP compliant so it is supposed to work, it's not inexpensive though.

$250 on the 'cheap' side.

Seems like this would make more sense:

Still, used, so you are taking a chance.

But, this is the modern era of 720p projectors...

Under $500 for a HD projector with Full 3D support, and a long lamp life to keep budgets in check.
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Thanks so much for sharing your expertise. I get your point and I guess I will be scouring the ProjectorCentral reviews this week. I don't really want to buy a used one since that's always a roll of the dice.
Appreciate your guidance greatly!