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Topic: Viewsonic or Vivitek for Church
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Hi We are a small church looking to buy one of these projectors, or something with similar specs in the same price range.

Can you help me decide what may be the best option between Viewsonic PJD5533W or Vivitek D803W-3D .

Basically our sanctuary is about the size and design of a half court basketball gym.
It looks that way too. The room is all white, a lot of outside light coming in as well.
We have a small budget as you can tell by the options we are looking at.

Just curious if anyone has a any experience with these. Especially if anyone has used both.

Or if anyone has another recommendation. 720p native or higher would be a preference not sure if it is worth it for our purposes maybe 1024x768 would suffice?
I see some 1024x768 for close to $300.

hdmi would also be a preference. I assume we will need a projector with a lot of lumens too.

Will it be a hugh difference in brightness with these two? I know technically the viviteck has 800 more lumens,

Anyway just curious what everyone's thoughts are.

Oh yeah and 3-d is not needed at all.

We want to be under $600 much less if possible.

We'd mostly be using this for powerpoint, pro presenter and some short videos. Only a movie once in a blue moon.