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Topic: Sanity check on church proposal
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I am trying to select a projector for our church which will be mainly used for displaying song lyrics with perhaps the occasional DVD video. We are currently using an overhead projector.

I am looking at a very basic setup, using the existing 4:3 screen if possible. This is 68" wide (about 85" diagonal). My preferred projector location is about 16 feet away from the screen.

I have found a projector that seems to fit the geometry requirements using the projector selection database. It is the Sharp XG-SV200X rated 5000 lumens in normal mode. The throw range is 8'5" to 16'10" so I would be right at the end of the range.

The image brightness comes out to 122fL (presumably at 5000 lumens output as I cannot toggle to use the reduced ECO mode.) This seems very high compared to what I have seen people specify for screen brightness. It also says the maximum room brightness is 83% or 31fc. I don't know what I have for room brightness but we do have large stained glass windows on the sides, some of which cannot be darkened.

Can anyone tell me if this projector is really a viable candidate or if I am off base? Also any comments on the predicted screen brightness would be appreciated.
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The Sharp sure looks like it will work and will provide plenty of lumens for what is a really small screen by today's standards.

I would be very cautious about Sharp projectors as I did recently hear about some significant issues with their lamps failing, and lamp replacement costs are a significant investment with projectors if they start failing. Using a non-manufacturer lamp typically will void any warranties, so check on lamp replacement costs.

With a price that is lower than anything else, you should expect quality to match. Perhaps it WILL be reliable, but I certainly don't tend to lean towards the cheapest solution as being the right one almost ever.

If you go down this path, just be sure you buy from an authorized dealer, and be prepared for what 'cheapest' typically delivers upon.
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