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Topic: Projectors going the way of the Dodo?
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With Mitsubishi ceasing production of projectors and interest in larger screen TV's for image display is increasing in popularity, some feel the projector is going away sooner than later in favor of TV's.

I feel that as long as large images to cover venues where a 60" TV won't cut it the projector business is relatively safe.

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Front projection has taken off in recent years I believe. With Full 3D 1080p projectors coming in under $1,000 the market is completely different than it was a decade ago, and especially 15 years ago before digital projectors were on the market.

The first 720p HD projectors were in the $10,000 price range. This was the ONLY real home theater projector, and they were still selling well. Now, it seems like a great number of people are considering projectors when you can get a 100"+ image for under $1,000 vs. a 60" flat panel which often costs far more. Yes, a few sub $1,000 options, but that's less than half the overall size that a projector delivers.

I have a 64" plasma in my family room, and it was more expensive (by far) than my 161" projection setup in my basement.

I think that projectors fall into a few categories in the home. Most often I think it is the 'basement multi-purpose room' setup where high quality isn't demanded, but a good big screen image is desired, and that's a real sweet spot for some projectors.

I just talked a client into a 110" setup because I can fit the projector into his space using a short throw model and hitting his budget. For under $6,000 installed, including a bunch of other small stuff and other materials, he's getting a complete 3D setup for his home - installed.

His option was going to be a 70" LCD, which would have actually been more money overall considering the parts in use, so he's really excited about what's coming up.

I think more and more people are looking at having at least one projector setup in their home if they have the space for it and enjoy movie night with the family.

Certainly though, the ultra large flat panels offer a great alternative to front projection which makes them very nice for boardrooms and other settings where a projector fights ambient light, requires more maintenance, adds more noise, and may not provide as much impact to the presentation. But, I still see a lot of projector setups in the work space as well.
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I would say yes and no. While I would say that for most consumers that aren't videophiles, flat screens are taking over the market and projectors are going away. Just looking on bestbuy's site the sharp 80" is just over $3K and a 65" for $999. The things that the average joe consumer is more worried about brightness than color and clarity. Projectors just can't compete with that brightness and price. For the consumer, the only place that projectors will be safe really for the next 10-15years or so is if you want an image larger than 110". The reason is you can't fit a screen much larger than that through a standard doorway.

But since the price of projectors are coming down too, more and more people are finding uses for them in different ways. I would say there are more mobile dj's doing outdoor movies or using them as a lighting effect out there than ever before. Also you see artists using them in creative ways that no one has thought of before.

I would say that there are pros and cons to both technologies where both of them will be around for a good long while.