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Topic: Sharp PG-D2870 woes
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I have a bunch of these PG-D2870W projectors and they are beginning to fail at an alarming rate. Two in the last month failed with bad color wheels after 13-15 months service. Add to that two new lamps with the sharp brand have failed with less than 60 hours which Sharp has not been willing to talk about as they have no warranty.

There are no color wheels available locally and I have been trying for weeks to pay to have them serviced without success.

My building has clean power with large UPS power conditioning / battery backup from Liebert protecting the gear and this is the only model projector we're having issues with.

Has anyone else had success with deploying this model or better still success getting them repaired? They are not the most expensive projectors on the market but they're certainly not in the disposable arena either.
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It's good to get this information, but it truly screams about the importance of a great service warranty on product. Sharp is not one of the brands which I think of when I think of mass installations. They certainly have a decent product out there, and I haven't heard of poor reliability issues, but this projector is supposed to carry a 3-year warranty, so if they were all purchased over 3-years ago, then I can understand a good deal of frustration, but if they were purchased after October of 2010, they should still be under manufacturer warranty for parts and service, and I would escalate things very quickly to ensure that you are taken care of. As well, I would report back, because if Sharp is unwilling to honor their warranty and take care of a customer, then that is a company that I won't use or recommend in our large scale rollouts.

Sharp should be much more responsive than this.
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