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Topic: Epson PowerLite 1751 AVI format
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The Epson Powerlite 1751 says it can play AVI format movies from a USB stick. However, the manual only specifies the Audio codec (PCM and ADPCM), it has no spec on the Video codec (Xvid, MJPEG, WMV, MPEG etc.). Does anyone know what I should try? Thanks!
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You must use MJPEG for video codec. I suggest you to use AVC ultimate as the converter software. I have published a paperwork about it on this link:

The file above (A four-page paperwork for my English course) is much more interesting and easier for reading than the text below, but here you are a walkthrough (I have talked about my 1776W projector model):


According to Epson, PowerLite 1776W WXGA 3LCD Projector is an ultra-slim design projector which makes it the ultimate choice in portable projectors. You can take advantage of wireless LAN card capabilities and present wirelessly from your laptop, smartphone or tablet1.

One of the most important features of that projector is its capability to display video and sound just from memory sticks. In other words, you do not need to bring any computer or device along apart from USB drivers.

Nevertheless, there is a limitation with this kind of presentation on Epson projectors: The movie must be saved as AVI file with the following audio codecs: PCM or ADPCM1 (and MJPEG codec for video).

Downloading Movies and Converting Them

First of all, you must choose a movie from After that, all you need to do is select the URL.

Next step is: press CONTROL + C and paste that URL on the web site which is hosted on http://www.catchvideo. net.

People who know AVC Software could ask: - Why not use only AVC software to do those steps? Well, the best answer to that question is: There are many movies on Youtube which have the same name (as you can see after searching on so, you might download a movie without sound!

Therefore, I do recommend using web applicatons which are able to show you the types of files you want, like or another one you prefer.

After that, you will be able to convert any kind of file you have downloaded from Youtube using AVC software (Any Video Converter).

Before beginning to learn about the conversion of video files using AVC software, you need to learn a little bit more about AVI format. Epson projectors are able to show videos saved only in that format (AVI by Microsoft Corporation). If you need to present videos saved in another format, you will need to use a computer plugged to the projector. You cannot show videos wirelessly either (as when you use a cellphone, for example). So, if you want to show videos from a memory stick (without using computers), you must convert those videos to AVI format.

That is the problem we need to solve, because there are many kinds of AVI video formats and there are many kinds of audio codecs too. You do not need to know what a codec is, but you need to know that Epson Projectors need PCM/ ADPCM audio codecs to show videos with sound. But, don't worry about that. As you will see, it is simple to do it!

Any Video Converter Ultimate is a kind of software which can convert videos to more than two hundred formats for various devices2.

First of all, drag and drop your video file into the AVC application which you have just opened.

After that, click on the text box. At the first time, the text box will be empty and you will be able to choose an option on the drop down menu which will show up after that.

Then, you have to make a choice after clicking on the last icon over the blue bar on the left side of the drop down menu.

Here things begin to be interesting: Choose the "Customized AVI Video" option.

A new drop down menu will show up and here you have the most important tip to learn. Before teaching you my "ace in the hole", notice that there is a "Save to Custom Profile" button on the right top corner of that new drop down menu which you will click on the first time to customize the name of the next settings. We named it "Epson1280X720".

Now, you must choose MJPEG Codec for Video Setting and PCM Codec for Audio Setting on each corresponding drop down lists.

That is it! Now, click on the OK button, choose the output location for the file and click on the Convert Now button to begin the conversion process.



This is what you should have just learned:

1. Use to download YouTube videos;

2. Use AVC Ultimate software to bring over videos from Youtube to AVI file format;

3. Customize your AVI file setting it with:

a. MJPEG for video codec;
b. PCM for audio codec.



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Excuse me guys, this thread seems to be MJPEG and other audio formats related right? I also have a related question. Recently, I got a video of MJPEG from someone else and it was from a cam i think. I could not open it with our common players like Windows Media Player and VLC. Then, I find a converter in the article But here are the questions. I want to convert it to MP4, but I do not know how I can set the parameters. There are bit rate, resolution and frame rate. I want to know whether the higher bit rate and resolution I set, the better output it will be? What is the difference between bit rate and resolution? I cannot figure it out by googling. Another question is should I choose MPEG4 or H264 as the output format, which one is better? And whether it is good to set the frame rate to 60?
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