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Topic: Red tint and lines appearing on screen
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I am new to dealing with troubleshooting projectors. I have an older projector that recently developed a red tint and lines upon the screen. Occasionally the red tint moves from the entire screen to just a red bar on either side of the image. The image is blurry and broken up like the image is being "dragged" across the screen. The projector is primarily used for powerpoint and movies by groups that utilize the space where the projector is located. Any advice on issues to investigate would be helpful.
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There is no solution to this which makes sense. It likely is a board starting to go bad. You CAN open it up and make sure all electrical connections are tight, but considering that the projector looks to be over 10 years old, it is significantly past its prime and is lucky to be working at all. About 7 years is a realistic life span for any projector. After that, you should expect major electrical failures to start to occur. Similar to how a PC should expect failing hard drives, power supplies, fans, etc.
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