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Topic: Filling up 7.4x5.4m screen from 3m distance
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I need to buy projector which can throw image on ceiling. Since throw distance is very short (3m from floor to ceiling), then I need a some help.

My room dimensions are 7400mm by 5400mm and height 3000mm. I’d prefer to cover all the ceiling, but I can’t find projector, which can handle that kind space. Room is almost completely dark.

Projector will be installed to the center of the room vertically.

The projector should be 4:3 resolution, because the room is almost 4:3. Also, the higher the resolution the better.

Are there any projector+lens combinations, that can solve my problem or do I have to use two projectors?

Any information is appreciated.

All the best
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I'm not sure about the exact dimensions, but I really like how big the screen can get on this 3M projector:

It's much bigger at a short distance than any other projector I've seen.
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A room that is about 22'x16' is about 350 square feet. At 15 lumens per square foot (completely dark room) you need something in the range of 5,000+ REAL WORLD lumens to fill that space to minimum standards.

On top of that you are shooting for ultra short throw, which is just not realistic. They don't exist to deliver that size from that distance.

This type of setup is an engineering nightmare and really should involve a professional company and you will need to expect a real world budget which may require 4 projectors to accomplish such a goal, and perhaps mirror bounces as many projectors can't be mounted vertically.
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