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Topic: RCA R56WH78 coolant??
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Hi All!
Firstly I am new to the forum so hello to everyone! I am Paul,
I have an RCA projection tv 56" and I wondered if
A) I do have coolant? And
B) that it may need changing?
As the blue and green are a little washy, (mainly green). I hear a lot about the coolant in Phillips Magnavox TV's but nothing about changing coolant in the RCA's? Is this a problem only with Magnavox??
Hope someone can shed a little light on this for me?
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Unfortunately, with the age of the TV you are likely talking about, it's unlikely that you will get any response whatsoever outside of a professional repair house.

When talking about things, always use a model number along with the manufacturer. You basically said "I have a Chevy and it seems to have a coolant issue, is that possible? I've heard Fords have coolant issues." You see, it's to generic of a statement. Be specific with a model number at all times to help get more accurate answers.

I have personally never heard of 'coolant' as being a part of any projector, so that shows how much I may know on this. Most of what I have seen have been cooled with fans, not a solid state coolant, but if your projector is 10+ years old (likely) then it is very possible that it is just dying of old age. This happens.
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