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Topic: Basement Cabling
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This probably has been answered already but I don't see a quick link. A buddy of mine is wiring basements in two houses. He knows where his entertainment system will be located but other than that details are not known. Most likely going with a flat screen monitor. What general cabling should be installed for present and future requirements? Once the cabling is in he is spraying the area with insulation so future changes will be difficult. I would rather see it overwired now than underwired in the future.

I was thinking coax from the cable TV service entrance to the entertainment area plus a line of cat6? From the entertainment area to the back of his monitor area an HDMI cable and another cat6. Maybe speaker wire from the area into the drop ceiling space?

Many thanks for any and all suggestions and pointers
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If there is going to be a drop ceiling, then I would put in 1.25" resigard flexible conduit (orange) in the wall, then spray the insulation. Along with necessary cables. With a drop ceiling and conduit you will never run into a headache of things not being accessible.

Now, what wires would I run anyway?

From your phone/network area, run at least two pieces of cat5/6 cabling for phone/internet service.

You will want to run at least two pieces of coax for your cable TV feed. That will give you one spare if you need it.

To the TV, if wiring will be difficult, run two pieces of HDMI and 3-4 pieces of cat-6 cabling. Don't forget power. Also remember that the TV is likely going to need to be on the network.

Speaker wiring should be fully thought out. Will there be surround sound? Will there be a desire for additional speakers elsewhere? Now is the best time to get wiring outside (for example) or to a secondary room. Also it is the time to get wires into walls for surround sound. You ALWAYS want speakers in/on wall rather than in the ceiling as ceiling speakers bleed sound up to other floors of your home while wall speakers trap the sound in the walls a lot better and help isolate sound.

Since this is more of a projector site, there are a lot of recommendations in regards to projectors rather than a local flat panel display, but the word CONDUIT should be first and foremost on the list. Especially in a non-retrofit setup. If you can't retro, then put conduit in place so you CAN retro without disturbing the wall.
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