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Topic: LCD content management systems
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I'm hoping to start a company in the UK that will supply and install small counter-top screens in the retailer and hospitality sectors. This would be for advertising and promotional purposes only. Some sites may have only a single screen others many more. Screen content ideally will be controlled remotely as opposed to using SD cards. My question is what content management software is available to facilitate this or will I have to spec and commission my own? Can anyone advise?? Thanks...
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You are talking about digital signage and there are about 1,000 different companies making hardware and software for it. It is almost all remotely managed. Making content for the displays is the tough part of it all.

Google 'DIGITAL SIGNAGE' and you will get a ton of hits.

Visix, VBrick, Broadsign, Haivision, and Scala are just a few of the companies out there involved with digital signage.

Here is a website that has a list of the hundreds of companies involed with digital signage with links to their websites.
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Being in Europe, have a look at Spinetix. There are based in Switzerland.

I use their product and I must say that it's just so easy to use.

Just as AV_Integrated said, google : digital signage.

Also have a look around when you go to stores. There must flat panels around that do what you want to do.

every one have their own way to do Digital signage. Find the right product and market and you could be able to do very good!

GL with your new business! :-)
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