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Topic: lamp issues
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Unfortunately, we preach to others to get manufacturers original lamps only all the time. It is common enough that people have issues of this, or some similar nature, that the expense of a manufacturers lamp is just completely worth it. Especially if you get 2+ years of use out of the lamp. The couple hundred bucks you save suddenly isn't worth it if the lamp destroys the entire projector.

Common issues: Lamp dies in a few months. Out of warranty, must be replaced again (most common).
Lamp runs at a higher temperature than the manufacturer original lamp, burns optics inside projector, destroying projector. (second most common)
Weird electronics issue outside the norm. Least common, but potentially just as destructive.

Here's the rub: While the lamp can't cause the lines directly, if there is some interference due to a faulty lamp, then it COULD indirectly cause the issue and replacing the lamp with a manufacturer original lamp may resolve the issue, but at this point you may need to send the projector off to at least have it evaluated.
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I agree - stick to genuine lamps from the projector manufacturer.

Last year, I bought a replacement lamp element (Chinese bare bulb) for my Epson HC720 from eBay for about 1/3 the cost of an Epson lamp.

The replacement was about as bright as an Epson original, but there was a hot, almost burning smell coming from the projector after installing. (I decided keep using the lamp even with the possibility of overheating damage since I wanted a 1080 projector anyway.)

The hot smell diminished at about 400 hours, but so did some of the brightness. At around 900 hours the generic lamp started getting noticeably dim - way less than the 2400+ hours on the original two Epson lamps.

At about 1000 hours, the eBay lamp blew up. No loss as it was too dim to watch by then anyway.

Then I put in a new, genuine Epson lamp. The HC720 looked as good as new, so at least the generic lamp didn't fry anything as far as I could tell.

In the final analysis, the short lamp life, so-so brightness, and high heat made the price of the generic bulb a poor value.

No more generic lamps for me...
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Pure Glare often sells both the original manufacturers lamp and also some cheaper version for the same projector. I almost purchased one of those cheapies ahwile back from them for my Yamaha projector, and they had two lamps listed for it. One was like $88 and the other was something like $250. I was tempted to get the $88 one. Now after reading this I am glad I didn't
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