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Topic: Barco IQ g400
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Looking for some advice for an old projector that i saved from the dump
on a refit job i was working on and if its worth investing in for home cinema use or better selling in whole or parts and put money towards a new projector .

The Projector is a Barco IQ G400 and so far seem to power up ok
but ive not connected it to any source to check out as my first option would be to use this as a home projector but not sure if it is suited
for that kind of use .

any info on this projectors would be great as there seems to be very little info on the net about it .

thanks in advance

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This is akin to finding a 10+ year old computer in the garbage. While it was pretty cutting edge at the time, it is horrendously out of date these days and Barco has an extremely high cost of ownership to their projectors. Like, a replacement lamp could be $700 or more.

In comparison, a brand new projector with almost as much brightness, but with far better contrast and a HDMI input can be had for under $700...

There are actually 26 projectors now which come close to that specification:

I would not invest one cent into that projector, but I might offer it up to auction. If you test it out and it works well, then that may add some value for someone, but I would never recommend it for use, and it is a long way from a high definition home theater projector.
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