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Topic: $700-$800. range AVR - Denon or Pioneer?
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HT room is 12'x20' and has always produced good acoustics with a 5.1 setup, even with a $500. HTIB. Had a Denon 591 then, which sounded excellent for the price, and "upgraded" a few years ago to their 1712 model for 3D, but had a few issues with it. I had also heard of others having problems with those models, and claims that Denon had taken a step back in that price range.

Now, I'm hearing nothing but good things about the newer Denon line, and I'm on the bubble between a Pioneer VSX-60 or one of the Denon mid-range models. I'm not an iOS guy, and the Pioneer seems heavily aimed at that market. My only use would probably be occasionally running my iTunes library over my network, but that's not a deal breaker or maker for me. I'm not very tech-savvy (yet), so I want a reliable receiver that's not too complicated to configure.

Gaming is a total non-factor, so my main interests are viewing movies or sports on BD/DVD and cable. The objective is finding which is the better of the two - or something comparable - in the price range. I'm basically looking for opinions on the pros and cons of either unit based on my setup, which is as follows:

Panasonic AE-7000
Oppo BD-93
Motorola HD Comcast/Xfinity Cable box
Speakers are a 5.1 Boston Acoustic set from a HTIB - but will be upgraded in a month or so

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated and sincere thanks to all on these forums who make life so much easier for us newbies.
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