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Topic: 55in phillips projection with dark wavy sides
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so, i had convergence problems about 1 yr ago and ordered the kit and replaced convergence chips and resistors. while i was at it i changed out the crt fluid and cleaned the lenses/housing real good. put back together and all is well for a couple of weeks. i then decide to put the back back on the tv (i left it off in case i needed to go back in). after putting it back on the tv will: after being on for a while (depends on temp in house-sometimes 1 hr sometimes 4 hrs) the sides will start to get dark and wavy (especially noticeable in dark scenes). it will start small just barely noticeable on the sides and progressively get worse until it affects 1/3 of the tv screen with very dark wavy horizontal lines. this happens in several inputs (tv, dvd, x-box). if i turn the tv off for a while it goes away so it seems to be something overheating. it did not do this before the work i did to it. it seems to be getting progressively/slowly worse to where it does it quicker and is harder to cool it off. i took the board back off initially and re-soldered all of my work thinking i had a bad solder with no joy. i have left the back off the tv because it overheats quickly with it on.


i dont know if it is related to the convergence chips overheating or the crt fluid or something else. i have thought that maybe i applied too little heat dope to the convergence chips/radiator but doubt it.

i have thought about putting a couple of cooling fans in it to see if it helps but would rather fix the problem.

thanks for any input.
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