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Topic: Upgrading Projectors
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We are in the process of upgrading from an NEC projector(9yrs old)and is not reall bright enough for our needs. We have a well lit (too well) sanctuary that holds 250 people. The screen we have is a 10'x10'. The throw distance is 15'. We use pro presenter 5. I have a quote from a company called for a Hitachi cp-x5021n 5000 lmns for $1800 delivered. Is LCD the way to go and is this a good deal?
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There are obvious questions here as to whether you just want to replace the projector currently in place with something new, or if you want to do an actual system upgrade.

For the price, you are getting a current generation 'typical' projector to replace the 9 year old model. It's a standard lower resolution, non-widescreen, and if your screen is truly 10x10, it is a oddball shape.

Nothing wrong with that, but I would also consider going to a proper widescreen setup, with (perhaps) a long throw projector that can be placed at the far back of the sanctuary to clean up the look of the space. If you only have a few thousand (or less) to work with, then this may not be possible at all, but it certainly would be worth considering.

A 7.5'x10' image (4:3 aspect ratio) is 75 square feet, and the minimum lumen count in a normally lit room for that size screen is about a 6,000 lumen projector. Brighter if at all possible.
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My experiences with places of worship is that they have a limited budget to upgrade entire systems so if I'm correct, going with the projector only replacement tack isn't a bad idea.

The price they quoted seems pretty good, better still if they would install it for you, which should be a minimal amount of time unless the projector is very high up.

The brightness may be an issue especially when the lamp ages and starts to dim but your existing projector is likely not as bright as the one you have been considering.

Your screen with the projector you're looking at calculates to 8.3 feet
wide image which you should be able to live with.

You may want to ask them for an onsite demo? I'll bet they will jump at the chance.

The one thing you also need to consider is the VGA cable length, without an inline amp you will lose a lot of brightness without one and a well made cable.