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Topic: Need a business projector recommendation
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In my office we have a 20' X 10' conference room that has a 46" TV set up in the front. This is currently used at meetings to review Excel files and other business programs, but people have difficulty viewing the screen from the middle to back of the room (furthest seat is around 15' away from the screen).

I was asked to look into buying a larger TV to help with viewing the screen from anywhere in the room. A 70+" tv may do the trick, but I figured I would be able to purchase a projector and pull-down screen that has a larger projection size and for less money.

The one problem is that the room has high ambient light (think standard flourescently lit office building), so I need to make sure a projector would be bright enough that nobody would have complaints (would 3000+ lumens do the trick?).

Does anyone have recommendations for a projector and screen that will cost under $1400 (approximately the cost of the cheapest 70+" tv), and operate well under high ambient light? I am willing to consider both short throw and long throw projectors

Room specs: 20'X10', 10' in height. Projector will go on one of the 10' walls, so will be viewed from a maximum of 20' away.

If I left any crucial information out please let me know, and thank you in advance for any responses!

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If it is a business and you intend to use the room, then having a properly installed projector on the ceiling is a much better way to go if possible.

A manual pull down screen can look mediocre, but will develop waves in the material. You also will need to plan for people who leave the projector on and for replacement lamps at $300 or so a pop.

The rule is that under normal boardroom lighting, the minimum light is 80 lumens (advertised) per square foot as a MINIMUM. Going higher is better. It will never look as good as a LCD in those conditions, but will work well.

You should be looking at widescreen projectors for sure.

From this list, I would opt for this model:

It can throw from 11'8" to 19' to produce a 120" diagonal image, and you should be more on the front end of that for best light output - think about 13' to the screen.

If permanently mounting, you must install to National Electric Code rules or any fire issues may void insurance.
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